Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It Can ONLY Be Christ

Dark Knight: Interrogation Scene - theologizing in the oddest places ;)

The insight tonight comes from the villain, the Joker. Specifically I am focused on 2:00 through 2:20 in the video. The one thing which must be decided upon, that thing which is so precious to us but we may have to do without in order to do what is right.

"There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death."
(Proverbs 14:12, 16:25)

So I'm thinking of what keeps me from giving my all for Christ. There may be some element of sin within it, and if I am to be honest it would have to do with fear. I have a fear that I may never have that which I hold on to so desperately. I have something which I keep deep in my heart. I may have yet to surrender this to God, because I fear that I may have to do without, or even worse, I fear that God may never provide this for me. Intellectually, I understand and believe I will be better and do more without. This is where my fear kicks in, because there is something I want but if God does not want that for me then I must let go of it. As Abraham holding Isaac on the alter, so must I hold that which is most dear to me and be willing to drop the blade across it's neck.

The fear is simply this, "Is life worth living without this?" I have come to conclude that until this has been let go, I will not be totally committed to Christ. This, again, is the problem. A.W. Tozer's works compiled in "The Radical Cross" are pleading with us to change our view of the cross. The cross today is a cartoon, but to Christ, it was his death bed; a shameful bed which He scorned yet still bared. The horror He faced as He dragged His cross, it may for some of us be duplicated in the crosses which we must bare ourselves.

"...let it slay you utterly."
(Tozer speaking of our cross to bare)

So why can it only be Christ? Because if it is not for Christ then it is for self or for somebody else. God wants us, ALL of us, not just what we would like to place in His hands. Not merely our sins to grant us mercy, but our HEART that we might truly Love. If we are living for anything more than we live for Christ, then we are deceiving ourselves hoping what we are willing to offer will suffice.

I cannot, however, say that all peoples should come to this conclusion. My point is simply this: That which we want the most may have to be sacrificed for the better to be made known. What we want, may not be what we need. It may actually hold us back from truly being great; from living a life worth remembering. If our motivation is to work towards that which we want, then we need to re-evaluate ourselves and fix our eyes yet again on Jesus. If He turned from God's will we would have no hope. We have to emulate this so that others may benefit from our lives, and more importantly, so that Christ may be glorified.

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love."
(1 John 4:18)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dirty Little Secret

What is it? I watch television online. Whats worse is the show that I enjoy watching:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Now I'm not going to discuss the hypocritical aspects of a Christian watching such an obviously demonic show, instead I'd like to share the insight I've gained from what I watched tonight...but in defense of the show, the demonic/spiritual aspect is really a comical parody. The point is found within the stories and within the characters. This however, shall be left up for debate.

The episode is actually called "Storyteller":

Stories are very important, and we can always learn from people, the important thing is what we have learned. What I observed in this episode overwhelmingly emphasized the spiritual condition of man.

Main character Andrew foolishly goes around making stories of the lives around him and all the while creating his own life story that is completely ridiculous and not at all how his life had carried out. In the last 5 minutes however, he finds himself confronted with the truth of what he has done in his life and breaks down and cries. Even in the face of his redemption, he cannot find fulfillment because he cannot erase what he has done.

This is how I've felt many times and I think reflects how many people feel. Constantly trying to balance the scales so that Good will lean in our favor, but that simply is not how the world works. When we do something wrong, we can expect to pay the penalty for it. What have we done? We've sinned against God....how can we ever make up for wronging God? I mean, we feel enough guilt when we've hurt somebody we love, but what about when we hurt somebody who loves us?

Often we view God as that guy/girl who we know is in love with us, and we don't see it as a bad thing necessarily so we taunt and tease and give a little of ourselves to that person but we'd never really commit to them relationally because they really aren't what we are looking for. That is because we search for vanity, stature, appearance, and protection instead of security. Maybe we aren't secure in thinking that that awkward person who loves you totally will totally love us forever. Maybe we think that, "if they only knew who I really was they would definitely flee as far from me," but remember who we are talking about here, GOD!

God is not that awkward person that you would rather do without, but He does love you totally and will never cease to do so. However, if we do not choose Him, He cannot take us in and give us what Andrew was really in need of...forgiveness.

What strikes me most about finding such a story here, is the character who represents every sinner before God. Andrew. In a world full of powerful people, bold and courageous, mankind is best represented in the quivering geek, because that is who we are. We are people trying to make our own story out of what has happened in our lives and we look like fools doing it. I could theologize the rest of the show, heck I've already done that, but I am at an unease to find that I am not the hero in this life, not even a noble sidekick. I am the scrub.

It is, however, desperately important, in regards to the Gospel, for us to realize this. We are nothing in a vast and amazing world that God has written out before time began. We have no means to erase the wrongs we've done and no matter how much we try and even succeed, it will never be enough. That is why we have John 6:29. It is the work of God in and throughout our entire experience, even in our faith. God showed us that love that we don't naturally believe in, but if we do take that gift and receive all that God wishes for us, we'll see this simple, plain, boring life story we're living, transform into the hero story we've been dreaming about. For we will become children of God [John 1:12]. With God and steering the wheel of your life, could it possibly go anywhere but to glory? [John 14:12]

26Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth, you are looking for me, not because you saw miraculous signs but because you ate the loaves and had your fill. 27Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. On him God the Father has placed his seal of approval."

28Then they asked him, "What must we do to do the works God requires?"

29Jesus answered, "The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent."

30So they asked him, "What miraculous sign then will you give that we may see it and believe you? What will you do? 31Our forefathers ate the manna in the desert; as it is written: 'He gave them bread from heaven to eat.'"

32Jesus said to them, "I tell you the truth, it is not Moses who has given you the bread from heaven, but it is my Father who gives you the true bread from heaven. 33For the bread of God is he who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world."

[John Chapter 6 in context will blow your mind]

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Past Poetry for Posting's Sake [kinda bored, so here's my escape]

Gods Love 4 Us

[revised from original]

Created, we were created in His image

The first sign of His loving vision

Apart from Him we feel so lost.

The fakeness of this world prison

Darkness falls and hell is risen

Yet still He came to pay our cost.

Bound to sin for it is in our nature

He shatters barriers because He is greater

Lifting our spirits with a simple promise.

His return, weve read off paper

To judge and be the undertaker

God is righteous, He is just, and He is honest.

We deserve nothing yet receive by His grace

All we must do is believe and have faith

The Lord Almighty loves us.

We represent Him in the worlds face

And most often the world replies with hate

But in the the Lord God we trust.

He lives inside

Where our heart resides

And speaks even when we do not listen.

His voice you cannot pacify

Truth impossible to deny

Yes we are His sole mission.

He starts a work in us that He will finish

Even when were down He will replenish

We find favor in His eye.

We cant let anything diminish

The works of the Son whos sinless

Who for us gave Himself to die.

Crucified begging our forgiveness

Brutalized to be our deliverance

Saving us from our very selves.

Perfect Christs painful existence

Hurt so long yet full of persistence

In Him we find a deeper well.

A well of knowledge, a well of worth

Jesus we admonish while on this earth

Believe that He hears our praise.

He hears our cries and spurts

Even when we whine n curse

But just think, He knows our names.

He never lets you down

Walk on water, He will never let you drown

Ask God and He will provide.

A long journey

Attempting to be worthy

But the sand shows footprints at our side.

He keeps us in His mighty hand

He wrote out our lifes plan

Filled with some trials and tests.

Things seem unfair where we stand

And our own justice we demand

But God is our father, and He knows best.

Take rest in Him, and God Bless my friends.

I got some serious thinking, praying, and easing up to do.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hope Will Hurt

The deadliest commodity a man may possess is hope. It is not love that drives a man, it is the hope that everything he does is gaining him ground closer to that love which he so deeply desires. Upon realizing his love has failed, depression possesses him deep in his soul. This is when we must understand Romans 5:1-11. The Lord God is a God of hope; Christ Jesus is God; we can place our hope in the Love demonstrated on the cross. The logic is simplistic, but God uses the weak to teach the strong, and scripture is so basic that even a child can understand it.

"Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.

You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, though for a good man someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from God's wrath through him! For if, when we were God's enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life! Not only is this so, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation." - Romans 5:1-11

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jumbled Thoughts

Just started blogging. Don't know what it means really, or if it is really useful. I probably...no I'm definitely sure I have some wrong motives for creating this blog, but I am also sure that these words will be useful.

Gotta Be Worth It;

Not this blog, but this life that I'm living. If it is not worth it, then I am literally wasting everything...and this is how many people would view my life. No college or university degree. No lady love aka wife to be. No job. No real solid plan. This does seem pretty bleak actually, and I might be depressed if I wasn't already so incredibly rich.

This richness is not something that is able to be measured. Celebrities and business men have not yet reached this level of wealth that I and many others have obtained. I have Christ Jesus and thus I have all I will ever need. To love Christ is to love God and "all things work out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes." What is so amazing about this is God has called US and we can do something for Him. That is indescribable, but not what I wish to discuss. I'm more infatuated with this notion that all will work out for our good, should we love God.

Problem. Evil. This world is sick and demented. Poverty is a literal plague on humanity. The wickedness of men has hardened hearts so rock solid and ice cold that tears can no longer run down warm loving cheeks. Hope is lost in this life IF this Christ is not worth it.

I have discovered one thing recently, and that is that I will never be satisfied in this place. I can and will be content. The goal is to be content in every situation, but I will never be satisfied. And I don't believe in some superficial ever-high happiness. Happiness is merely a happening that just so happens to happen to you. Joy however, joy is eternal. Joy can be placed upon nouns [people/things/places] Life can be so HORRIBLE that some people give in all together and simply end it themselves. I know that I would too if Christ were not worth it.

With this Christ, I find joy. Placing my joy upon Him who provides hope for a future, provision for the now, and forgiveness for the days gone by, I can say that my life is worth throwing to the wind. I do not view this life as such, but to get my point across, please allow me to be dramatically emphatic. 100% of us are guaranteed to die. Christ has revealed everything we need to know about this death to be prepared for its coming. The fear of the afterlife is no longer an issue, but I am not so naive as to think I shouldn't fear the pain. The sting of death is lost, but the pain is necessary. Even Christ sweat blood contemplating His life's end.

So this means what? I am trying to be brief so maybe my thoughts are jumbled. I would like to further explain each point at length but let me just get to the drastic already. Our life will eventually end. However we pass our time, we can't avoid the fact that at some point it will come to an end. It would be completely useless to do this "church" stuff if Christ wasn't worth it. If my Lord is not there at the end to lift me up to the Father, then my every breath is for not. But if this is all for the good, then all the hurt pain and suffering is but the means to an ever joyous end. So WORTHY is Jesus, I am able to live 70 or 80 long suffering years of rejection and opposition, or even 2 or 3 years of an inevitable death march and still be able to say God is good and He is all I need. I could be the filthiest, most deprived, skinny, poor, rank smelling beggar on the street WITH Jesus, and still have more than those who top the lists of the rich and the famous.


17 Though the fig tree does not bud
and there are no grapes on the vines,
though the olive crop fails
and the fields produce no food,
though there are no sheep in the pen
and no cattle in the stalls,

18 yet I will rejoice in the LORD,
I will be joyful in God my Savior. [HABAKKUK 3:17-18]

This central truth, that Christ is worth our life death and every breath is something I have yet to fully comprehend. I just know that every move I make that steps toward Him is a step in the right direction. When things seem hopeless, I know where hope lives. It is living at the cross.


Read 1Corinthians chapter 15
If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men."