Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Past Poetry for Posting's Sake [kinda bored, so here's my escape]

Gods Love 4 Us

[revised from original]

Created, we were created in His image

The first sign of His loving vision

Apart from Him we feel so lost.

The fakeness of this world prison

Darkness falls and hell is risen

Yet still He came to pay our cost.

Bound to sin for it is in our nature

He shatters barriers because He is greater

Lifting our spirits with a simple promise.

His return, weve read off paper

To judge and be the undertaker

God is righteous, He is just, and He is honest.

We deserve nothing yet receive by His grace

All we must do is believe and have faith

The Lord Almighty loves us.

We represent Him in the worlds face

And most often the world replies with hate

But in the the Lord God we trust.

He lives inside

Where our heart resides

And speaks even when we do not listen.

His voice you cannot pacify

Truth impossible to deny

Yes we are His sole mission.

He starts a work in us that He will finish

Even when were down He will replenish

We find favor in His eye.

We cant let anything diminish

The works of the Son whos sinless

Who for us gave Himself to die.

Crucified begging our forgiveness

Brutalized to be our deliverance

Saving us from our very selves.

Perfect Christs painful existence

Hurt so long yet full of persistence

In Him we find a deeper well.

A well of knowledge, a well of worth

Jesus we admonish while on this earth

Believe that He hears our praise.

He hears our cries and spurts

Even when we whine n curse

But just think, He knows our names.

He never lets you down

Walk on water, He will never let you drown

Ask God and He will provide.

A long journey

Attempting to be worthy

But the sand shows footprints at our side.

He keeps us in His mighty hand

He wrote out our lifes plan

Filled with some trials and tests.

Things seem unfair where we stand

And our own justice we demand

But God is our father, and He knows best.

Take rest in Him, and God Bless my friends.

I got some serious thinking, praying, and easing up to do.

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