Saturday, April 17, 2010


One thing that remains is the problem of pain
This was a video promo for a homeless outreach
The message that really comes out of this is that of an endless fuel tank being driven up the steepest mountain.
What is most perplexing about these ministries is that they are outlets of hope, love, and care, yet they are an endless cause.
There will always be the poor with us, and the absolute abolishing of world poverty is such a relative and seemingly hopeless task that it seems pointless to tackle such a task.
But nonetheless, that is the very strength of those who would accept the challenge.
The fight is not for this life, but for this soul. Life is more than living conditions. In fact it is short when seen through eternity's vision.
Knowing love, showing love, going love.


  1. Yeah Brandon, no matter how much we would want to end poverty, it is never our prerogative that counts --- it is God's. Right now, God is using it to draw people to Him, to the Water that never runs dry and the Bread that satisfies.

    I remember the church in Smyrna --- though they were poor by worldly standards, Jesus Himself declared them to be rich. I love that church. Well, I for one would want to be rich in faith --- and may God find me so. Looking at Smyrna, I understand that even poverty is a blessing.

    Oh, I jumped in and threw in a piece of my heart-mind without watching the video, imagine. haha. Yeah, poverty is never easy, but it is never bad for those who are called according to His purpose. ^^

  2. nice video. in these situations, we have an intuitive response: "Somebody else will do it..." even Christians say that (even I say that). Oh, what a terrible disgrace a heartless Christian is to our Lord!