Friday, June 11, 2010

Bit of Thought

So I recently watched a dvd on "The Secret" which tells us that we can change the world by simply thinking. Thoughts themselves in this case have become the agents for change, not deciphering. So basically think good and good will come. This is a blatant and ludicrous lie which is deceptive because random occurrences can trick us into believing we have brought something into being by our own power.

This is our essential problem, that we wish to have control; we want the power in our own hands. This is the truth of the matter, we are given absolutely everything by Grace. From initial conception, we have had no control over the matters of our lives. This is where I find solace, in my total dependence on God.

More odd information, I've been reading a Christian book for women called, "Captivating" and even though I find it awkward reading words like, "your feminine soul" to myself, I find many encouraging nuggets while reading. One, which seemed very sissy-like, was the author accrediting a visit by a family of starfish to God's love for her. She had thought about God showing her some special revelation of her love and one was shown to her. In return, she could only thank God for the experience. Today I had a similar experience. I had thoughts of some of my favorite people and unexpectedly they drove by. I thought about it, and decided that it wasn't my thoughts bringing this together, but it had to be God. At the time I was feeling low, and as soon as I saw them I was lifted up. I too could only respond by thanking God for what he had provided for me.

In the end I guess I just find it a far more viable view of life to accept that I really cannot bring anything to me, but I can enjoy all the good God chooses to bless me with. Also, lets really stop to think about what we believe, because sometimes they are just not real...or, unfortunately, our beliefs may be founded in lies.

[Interesting side note, as I finish this note I find "John Carpenter's They Live" starts playing on tv. Watch the movie and you might find this creepy as well]
Peace 2 the out and God with the Bless!

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