Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sweet Jesus

Realizing I am Broken as well been made whole
Restoration by Spirit the truth sure to unfold
Redemption in Love complete great and mighty I'm told
Jesus sweet Jesus, Lover of my Soul

No words can express and there is no song to convey
We continue to fall short with ev'ry note we play
By symphonies or orchestra but what can they say?
Jesus sweet Jesus, You are the Way

Rock solid rock very foundation firm beneath me
The life giving tree of whose very air that I breath
Purest of clean waters shall never leave me thirsty
Jesus sweet Jesus, You're all that I see

Poverty poor people turn to their knees and pray
Forgive me not forgotten see them as always they
For the sins of the world was the price you chose to pay
Send me sweet Jesus, I will go today

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