Monday, June 6, 2011

They Burned A Holy DVD!

I haven't stepped into religious debate in some time, but I find it a very interesting thought, "what to make of burning the Quran?" Does the Christian claim it wrong on account of emotions? Do we love our enemy less by destroying what is most precious to them? Is it not in their best interest to remove that which is most distracting them from worship of the Lord?

Didn't Jesus tell a rich young man to sell all he had and follow Him? Would we leave a video game addict with their gaming systems, or a porn addict with their materials, or a drug addict with their drugs? Is there not something similar between sin and addiction? Are they not both robbing God of worship?

Furthermore, sometimes the very thing a person needs is to be separated from that which they care for the most. If we strip back everything in this world, would we not have easier access to the knowledge Paul had when he wrote of all things being as rubbish in comparison to knowing Christ? What is the difference between converting ALL muslims to Christ and removing their book from them if the result or intention is to eliminate that which robs God of His Glory through Jesus? Is it not comparable to removing all secular music albums, pornographic materials, and narcotic influences from the hands of those who promote/follow/worship them? Or is the condition of man as, and I believe it was Spurgeon who said this, "an idol factory" in constant need of worship whether giving or receiving.

You may think me a bigot, and I don't know how my words might flow out had I not had this platform of written word to stand on, but that is not of my concern when writing this. There are several areas I'd love to investigate and argue. Areas such as the origin and compilations of the Quran, and the matter or degree of Truth within any given area of life or other religious/world view, if we can actually separate our emotions from our intellect in an honest seeking after Truth. But for now, my hope is this, that we seek understanding.

I am in no position to claim total knowledge, but then again no person truly is, and that doesn't stop us from claiming truth everyday does it? I am hoping that we would be able to step back for a moment and really evaluate ourselves. Are we really believing what we believe or do we just do as we are told? When I come to evaluate myself and my faith, I find most often that they do not go hand in hand, and yet the Faith I proclaim calls itself the very bridge to that gap. I am a sinner in my eyes and in the eyes of all around me. I fail, I fall, I am wicked and selfish, but I am no longer condemned for this. Do I participate in sin any longer? By no means! I am apart from the condemnation and it is my heart to seek not to sin any further. If I am to sin, it is this flesh and my cleaving onto the world which is my weakness, but my strength is in Him who died for me. Jesus on the Cross separates my sin from my self and I am made new. I am made His. I am made no longer a sinner, but a saint.

My dilemma. Many people see no need for this. Many people have no concept of sin or even of God let alone our Christ. If I believe that all are under the same condition as I, and I am free by means of Jesus alone and faith in Him alone, then am I not obligated under sheer decency aside from the Command of God to let them know about it?

And what of those who distort that message? Well, in thinking of who is Jesus, isn't that all I've been writing about?

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