Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Don't Want To Become John Piper

This will be short, it is just a thought that has weaved itself into my mind today.

"I don't want to become John Piper."

If you know John Piper, you know that he is a Boss. P.H.D. to be exact. Dude is serious when it comes to Bible knowledge and PASSION for Jesus. I don't want to become John Piper.

Dr. Piper is a leading voice in missions. If you know me, then you know that I am hoping my life to be left to waste on the mission field. I trust nearly everything that this man says, and often joke that I am about an inch away from idolatry when it comes to John Piper. I am the equivalent to a teen bieber believer in many ways.

To my surprise, the very same sunday I was preaching, Pastor John Piper was preaching the very same text. So I watched his video sermon so as to be sure I didn't get anything wrong, and in comparison I would say that very similar points were presented, so I had a good feeling in myself thinking I had been true to the scripture text.

So I was sitting at working and this thought popped into my mind. I don't want to become John Piper. I admire all he has done and I take in absolutely everything he says, but I don't want to become him. Pastor Paul Washer said this similar thing when he addressed young men in a youtube video, he said that we shouldn't want to be these 'big names' now, and I think I understand.

Dr. Piper knows more than I ever will, and has touched more lives than I'll ever comprehend, but although he is 100% for missions [in fact I learn quite a lot about missions from Pastor John] he is still in his pulpit, and not on the field. This is not to belittle the pulpit, his position, any of it, for it is all in worship of God and glorifying to Him.

So here is my point. I want to do God's Will, not follow in the footsteps of those whom I admire. I don't want to become John Piper, I want to become Brandon McKenzie, a child of God. There is yet still the drive in me, probably prideful, that says "I have to Go!" I need to be in missions. It burns in my heart. It breaks my every tie because I believe it is God calling me to go.

Lastly, just a reminder I guess, don't be like other people, be like God wants you to be...and KEEP LOVING JESUS!