Sunday, June 24, 2012

Abyss is...

§ Enough? It'll never be enough. Passion will consume you. Desire will invade your every thought. There is no satisfaction in this life. Enough? Have you never known the meaning of zeal? Death has zeal, a zeal for life and misery. A zeal for pain and sorrow. He hungers for more with every light of day and every hour of night. For Death, there is never enough. Enough? The Day is coming when it will be enough. That Day brings with it nothing but Glory. No dualism on that Day. No sting nor fear. Nothing but Glory.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Still Water Falls

Stretching out to touch the shore with his future all but sure, he cups the water pure but out from his hand the waters pour.

The proud waves are a man's grave. Deep seeded with sin as he is stuck in his ways. Memories have memorized shame as he takes his guilt trips. Remembering the pain he has caused and the pain he has to deal with. Sad tears reign free as anger clouds swell. In thoughts of loss old fears still dwell.

NOW is the time that god's grip tightens up. The sky clears, the Son shines, and all his burdens lighten up. His Mercy is new and his Promise is true, and he will never be removed from God's calm, strong, steady hand. Time flies quick and he has plenty. NOW is the time to stand still.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Fear This Future

I fear this future, where I've spent my life serving and I live out my later years preaching and I die with this world still going on. I sit here late at night unwilling to sleep, watching preachers who preach with such fire and passion that I am drawn in by admiration as well as conviction.

I see that which I'm capable of and that which God has placed in my mind and my mouth and my heart and my soul yet upon thinking, I find that this is something to dread. I have pride, it tells me I can be like this, fame and acclaim. The wickedness that exists in me has a way of perverting ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I do, and I NEED JESUS in all aspects of life for that reason.

My wickedness gives me one view while my conviction drives me into another direction. I am lost in hopes of never reaching the age of 80 without Christ coming. How much horror I've seen in 24 years, the least of this have I even begun to comprehend. I sinned distinctly this night in ways no man would see, and one sin is enough to nail Jesus to the cross. How much more would accumulate should I reach 25, let alone 80. How much hurt between now and then.

Understand this, that when He comes all will be made right. I cannot grasp it now, but the thought of living out even another day of sin against God seems too much, I dare not fill a life with it. On this end of eternity, I'd rather God come and banish me now than living 50 more years only to find my fate to be in the furnace with no Savior. The truth is that I could never bare that. Even a moment in the wrath of God is beyond what we can bare in regards to pain.

I fear this future. A future that is spent in service without seeing my Lord. A future replicating those I admire, living a long life, and waiting to see Him come, perhaps not to come in this lifetime at all. I fear this future.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Repent 360

So this is more based on tacky cliche Christian quotes than scripture, but the idea is very simple, and that is that God wants us to go full circle.

Repentance is to turn away from sin and run back towards God. A strange calling since we were born in sin and spiritually dead. Was there once an innocence that became not as soon as we were conceived? Oh well, that is not the point, what I am saying is that God wants 360 and not just 180.

Turn from sin, having no part of it any further. Amen. Look to God, seeking Him always. Amen. Do nothing about the condition of the world around you...come again? God does not call us to sit idly by and delight in our salvation. Thank God He saved you, now go help out. Go make moves. Go make war!

Excuse me for that exclamation mark, but God wants us to care how He cares. He wants us to forgive as we have been forgiven. He wants us to be more like Jesus, and Jesus went full circle. Saved then sent? No, sent to save. We, however, are saved to be sent, and it was because He was sent to save. We are called to go into the world as He went into the world, not that we may again live in sin, but that we may lead others out of it by the light that lives within us.

The gates of hell cannot stand against the Gospel of God, and those gates are locked from the inside. They are to defend against an attack. If we only go 180, we run the risk of believing this place doesn't exist. To combat that, we go with a head on attack, 360, not to join in condemnation but to release the captives. If God is for us, who could stand against us. It is of much more worth to fight than to flee. Pray we would fight.

God, let us fight.