Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For My Mother

I got the Gord, my brother got the Lantz
I got the first name, my brother got the last
He got the legacy, and I got the man
And it makes sense because he acts as he did and he looks as I am
Or at least that is what she tells me
That my chest is resembling the man she called her father
And I am the son of that man's daughter
And I thank God because He is the Auther
Without Whose plotting out with His pen, them, then I wouldn't be
See, I'll never know or understand how it felt to have your paw gripped in his hand
How safe and secure that walk once was
I'll never understand a daughter's love for her dad
And as the past stands still, still pulling us back
I understand how time waits for no man
Death is dumb and I am mad
More hurt for her loss than for what I can say is my own
But when a part of you is living outside in some one else,
A part of them dies too when its your time to check out
And the thought of losing people isn't as easy as it once felt
Because there is no more story to be told, this side of Glory, of her and him when she phones
There seems only mourning
Until Morning
The New Day
For the here and now I can stand proud knowing I bare the name
Doubtful I could uphold the weight of it
I'll wait a bit, as long as the Lord allows
In hope that in me, she could be just as proud, as she was of Grandpa.


This is for my mother, and it may sound selfish or more about me, but it is what it is. I am able to express through rhyme so this is what I do. It is about a name, and if I may spin this spiritually for a moment, we find in the Name of Jesus an identity. It is about being brought into a family, being found to have the same Name that belongs to Him, and that is as child to parent, the sons and daughters of God. In the Name of Jesus, we are as He is to His Father, heirs inheriting life.

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