Saturday, January 19, 2013

Take Your Time

I've been on the ledge of love twice, and twice I chose to jump
I didn't fly, not once, because I fell in love
Wings didn't sprout and I did not soar no
Instead I fell down on my heart and now my chest is sore.
I leap in hope, never acknowledging cautions
Precautions are for those men who decipher coded talks
Men are more prone to passion than what would seem
And I have lost much more with these leaps than what is seen
My body
My mind
My soul is not designed to break for the lack of my desire
Therefore I choose to believe I leave these loves for the higher
I am not without scar nor reason
Bleeding is easy when the fixtures of our heart's casing have been damaged in the storm
The vacuous drop
Time again it gets to pumping
My heart
I let loose step by step progressing toward the ledge
I leave caution to the wind to see if perhaps
perhaps this time
this time
This time I'll fly.

Why I fail is easy to answer
I leap alone
Not that my loved ones never loved me no
We just never jumped together
The love of lost vigor, that is to say the love destined not to last
The very essence of the epic that tricks us with swooping emotions
Lacking nothing but staying power or maybe commitment to this devotion
Or the fact of gravity
The World won't allow such things to fly for more than a moment
This thrust must be brought down
Replaced by the stability of two who know they are not to leap and fall in love
Instead, instead they walk together
They take the narrow road
The road less travelled by
Love is not to be forced, our being being sunk into
Love is a journey
Walk with me?

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