Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bookstore Chronicles

Tonight I found myself in the book store on my own. I perused my frequented sections and took notice of three noteworthy moments:

1] I checked out some tattoo magazines. I find my interest in tattooing is fading as I see more and more that most of the tattoo 'media' is basically porn. I actually enjoy the artwork and meaning of the tattoo, and I don't think I want to keep getting more tat's anymore. However that could change at any moment because I am in love with them.

2] I peeked into, "The Tibetan Book of The Dead," and read just one line. The line pointed me in the same direction as every theistic worldview outside of Jesus, and that is to work hard to get saved from death. It hurts me deep in my heart to know all the hope found in the work of Jesus and yet watching a world flounder away tirelessly in vain attempts to get right before it is time to die. Every religion says, "Work and work and work and MAYBE you will make it," while JESUS says, "I did the work so that you WILL make it."

3] In the same sense of pain, I picked up a book called, "Gay Conversations With God." I read through and the most striking truth was the view the public has of Christians in regards to homosexuality. Rather than rant on about this, I'll just let you know that it hurts to think that Gay brothers and sisters in Christ are being ousted, abandoned, and misunderstood. The author made the observation that Christians who should be known for their love for one another, have for far too long been known for just the opposite in regards to our homosexual brethren.

I just needed to get this out before I lost this memory.
This world sucks all the more everytime I think of the pain in peoples lives.
Don't look down on people, just lift them up.
Tattooed, pornographer, religious, gay, or all of the above. God is Love.
God loves us as we are, and He loves us too much to leave us as we are, for He seeks after the heart.

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